"Working with Dobbin Callahan on the Tennessee Green Hospitality program was an awesome experience. I understand folks shying away because of being intimidated, but I promise it is quite the opposite. The core requirements for the program are quite attainable and many are likely things you are doing anyway. We have found that the Core requirements are also sound business practices." 
- Mike Shuford, Chattanooga Convention Center


  • BA, Economics, Davidson College
  • MBA, The University of Tennessee
  • Certificate in Environmental Management Systems, George Washington University
  • Past Chair, National Recycling Coalition
  • Past President, Buy Recycled Business Alliance
  • Past Chair, GSA Quality Partnership Council
  • Chair, GCHA Green Committee

Dobbin Callahan

​President, Skye Con

Auditor and Administrator for TENNESSEE GREEN HOSPITALITY

For Dobbin Callahan, environmental stewardship is more than just a current interest, it is a lifelong passion. He, has promoted and practiced environmental responsibility since growing up in rural North Carolina. Prior to forming Skye Con Callahan worked in the textile and carpet industry, focusing on government procurement and issues of sustainability. He has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad speaking on the topics of “Environmental Responsibility,” “Environmental Initiatives as Part of the Corporate Culture,” and “Product Stewardship.”   He testified before the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on the effectiveness of Federal programs for purchasing of recycled content products.  

"Environmental Stewardship is more than just a current interest,

its a lifelong passion."

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